Artist Track Album Year Label
Can Oh Yeah Tago Mago 1971 Mute
Bernard Herrmann Twilight Zone Theme   1959  
Freddie & the Hitchhikers Sinners   1961 Bandbox
Negativland You Don’t Even Live Here Escape from Noise 1987 SST
Lonnie Johnson & Spencer Williams Death Is On Your Track The Complete Lonnie Johnson, Vol. 4 1929 Okeh
Gary Lucas Hitchcocked Skeleton at the Feast 1990 Enemy
Flossie & the Unicorns Ghost T.V. The Animals’ Clubhouse 2000 Skin Graft
Leadbelly Where Did You Sleep Last Night? Goodnight Irene 1944  
The Poets Dead Sin Alley Vol. 4    
The Cramps Zombie Dance Songs the Lord Taught Us 1980 I.R.S.
Neil Norman One Step Beyond      
Sebastian Peabody Grave in the Desert      
Andre Williams I’m Movin’ On Jail Bait    
Carl Stalling Anxiety Montage      
The Residents Hello Skinny Duck Stab 1978 Ralph
Raymond Scott with the CBS Orchestra New Year’s Eve in a Haunted House      
Rob Zombie Halloween (She Gets So Mean)      
The Ghastly Ones Banshee Beast      
Artie Shaw Nightmare      
William S. Burroughs Curse Go Back      
Robert Johnson Hellhound on My Trail      
Larry & the Blue Notes Night of the Sadist      
Lydia Lunch Spooky Queen of Siam 1979  
Charles Manson Mechanical Man Lie    
Justin Shay My Choice Is for the One I Love the Most City Lights and Other Songs 2001 We’re Twins
The Mercury Theatre on the Air Heart of Darkness   1938