Artist Track Album Year Label
Anima-Sound N Da Da Uum Da Musik für Alle 1972  
John Berberian The Oud and the Fuzz      
W.C. Fields The Fatal Glass of Beer      
Mae West Criswell Predicts      
Frank Zappa Lumpy Gravy      
unknown Shalakho Dance      
Jimmy Heaps Gizmo      
Jerry McCain Bell in My Heart      
Ukulele Ike That’s My Weakness Now      
P.D. Inweglos Inweglos 1980  
Supernova Chewbacca      
Randy Greif Only a Thimble Alice in Wonderland    
Tape-Beatles Reality of Matter      
Phillipa Fallon High School Drag      
The JAMs The Queen & I      
Conlon Nancarrow Study for Player Piano #3      
Xper.Xr Wu-Chu-Tung      
The Fiery Furnaces Straight Street      
Steinski & Mass Media The Motorcade Sped On      
Raymond Scott The Playful Drummer Soothing Sounds for Baby