Artist Track Album Year Label
Coil Nasa Arab Stolen and Contaminated Songs 1992 Threshold House
Skavoovie & the Epitones Batman Fat Footin’ 1995 Moon
Brother JT & Vibrolux Optigon Doomsday Rock 1997 Bedlam
The Standard Quartette Keep Movin’   1894  
  Stevenson for President radio ad   1952  
Cibo Matto Know Your Chicken Viva! La Woman 1996 Warner Brothers
The Lonesome Organist Catching Flies with My Teeth Collector of Cactus Echo Bags 1997 Thrill Jockey
The Epics On the Rocks      
Raymond Scott Twilight in Turkey This Time with Strings   Coral
The Amboy Dukes Psalms of Aftermath The Amboy Dukes 1967 Reperoire
The Sonics Strychnine Here Are the Sonics 1965 Etiquette
Soul Coughing Disseminated Irresistable Bliss 1996 Slash
The Kinks David Watts Something Else 1967 Reprise
    Home Taping Is Killing Music    
Dick Siegel What Would Brando Do? Snap! 1980  
Tom Waits Just Another Dimestore Novel      
Angus MacLise Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda