Artist Track Album Year Label
John Zorn Battle of Algiers The Big Gundown 1985 Tzadik
Zafari Addis Ababa      
Soul Coughing Disseminated Irresistible Bliss 1996 Slash
Bunker Hill The Girl Can’t Dance   1963 Mala
Iron Butterfly Ban      
Randy Greif Tea Tray in the Sky Alice in Wonderland 1991 Staalplat
The Sly Fox My Four Women   1954 Spark
Seksu Roba Let’s Fly Monster Island Seksu Roba 2000 Crippled Dick Hot Wax
The Five Scamps Chicken Shack Boogie   1949 Okeh
Mr. Google Eyes with Billy Ford & His Musical V-8’s No Wine, No Women   1949  
The Old South Quartette Oysters and Wine at 2 A.M.   1928 QRS
The Old South Quartette Pussycat Rag   1928 QRS
Sid Laverents Nobody Loves a Fat Man   1980  
Was (Not Was) Dad, I’m in Jail What Up Dog? 1988 Chrysalis
Roy Smeck Nifty Pickin’      
Mellow Dragonfly Car Chase CQ Soundtrack    
The Creed Taylor Orchestra        
5-6-7-8s Bond Girl      
Bob Seger Vagrant Winter      
Harry Partch Castor & Pollux      
The Beach Boys ’Til I Die      
? and the Mysterians Ain’t It a Shame      
Mellow CQ Car Chase CQ Soundtrack 2002 Emperor Norton
Stranger & Patsy Yeah Yeah Baby      
Essential Logic The Captain The Essential Essential Logic    
Jerry McCain Cutie Named Judy      
John Berberian The Oud & the Fuzz Middle Eastern Rock 1969 Verve