Artist Track Album Year Label
Kangaroo Kourt Side 1 Atmospheric Distortions    
Flossie & The Unicorns The Animal’s Clubhouse The Animal’s Clubhouse 2000 Skin Graft
The Residents Broccoli & Saxophone Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats 1984 Ralph
Justin Shay My Choice Is for the One I Love the Most City Lights 2001 We’re Twins
  Two Women Singing The 365 Days Project    
Randy Greif Who Are You? Alice in Wonderland 1993 Soleil Moon
Evolution Control Committee The Acid Family Gunderphonics 1994  
Steev Hise Frustr8ed Original 1999  
Jim Backus & friend Delicious   1958 Jubilee
The Beach Boys George Fell Into His French Horn   1966  
  Religion for Retarded: Lessons 13 & 14      
Was (Not Was) Dad I’m in Jail What Up, Dog? 1988 Chrysalis
Wendell Austin & The Country Swings LSD      
Kenneth Patchen The Murder of Two Young Men by a Young Kid Wearing Lemon-Colored Gloves      
Evolution Control Committee Cry-Baby Duck Gunderphonics 1994  
Raymond Scott County Fair Bread   1962  
Steinski & Mass Media The Motorcade Sped On   1986  
Chris Isaak Wicked Game Heart Shaped World 1989 Reprise
People Like Us Fylfot Flipflop/Ursula Fährt Ski Hate People Like You 1997 Staalplaat
Stark Effect Vibgyor   2002  
Non Cleanliness and Order Easy Listening for Iron Youth    
The Peter Pan Orchestra & Chorus Four Hygiene Songs/The Good Habit Song      
Boyd Rice Period Piece Hate People Like Us    
The Cheese Band I Like Cheese The 365 Days Project    
People Like Us This One’s Broken Hate People Like You 1997 Staalplaat
Misha Locey Answering Machine Message   1990  
F.T. Marinetti La Battaglia di Adrianopoli   1924  
  Ho Ho Laughing Monster   1962  
Phillipa Fallon High School Drag   1958  
  The Lincolnshire Poacher The Conet Project    
Antonio Russolo Serenata   1924  
Marlene Dietrich Blue Angel Screen Test   1929  
Luigi Russolo Risveglio di una Citta   1977