Artist Track Album Year Label
Señor Coconut and His Orchestra Smoke on the Water Fiesta Songs 2003  
Roger Bonnette The Hell with You MSR Madness Vol. 5: I Like Yellow Things    
Scott Walker Next Scott 2 1968  
Tom Tom Club Wordy Rappinghood Tom Tom Club 1981  
Ruckus Roboticus How to Handle Grownups Playing with Scratches 2007  
Fleetwood Mac Oh Well Then Play On 1969  
The Collins Kids Hoy Hoy Rockin’ on T.V.    
Dave Gardner Mad Witch   1957  
Henry Mancini A Shot in the Dark   1964  
The Moog Cookbook Smells Like Teen Spirit The Moog Cookbook 1996  
The Nirvana Sitar & String Group The Letter      
The Tornados Telstar   1962  
Bo Diddley Bo Diddley Bo Diddley 1955  
The Juveniles Bo Diddley   1965 Jurden
Maureen Tucker Bo Diddley Playin’ Possum 1981 Trash
The Animals Story of Bo Diddley      
Bo Diddley Mr. Khrushchev   1962  
Tommy King Bo Diddle in the Jungle      
The Rolling Stones Diddley Daddy   1963  
The Beavers I’m a Man      
Billy Stewart Billy’s Heartache   1957 Okeh
Captain Beefheart Diddy Wah Diddy      
Bo Diddley Hey! Bo Diddley Bo Diddley 1957  
The Doors Who Do You Love? Absolutely Live    
Raymond Scott and Bo Diddley Stormy Weather      
The Gris Gris Everytime The Gris Gris 2004  
Commodores Gonna Blow Your Mind Machine Gun 1974  
Negativland Piece a Pie No Business 2005 Seeland
Konono No. 1 A.E.I.O.U. Live at Couleur Café 2007  
The Senators Loretta   1958  
Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel Sick Man Hole 1984  
Daphne Oram Snow Oramics 1963  
United Future Organization Spy’s Spice (Mon Espionne) 3rd Perspective 1997  
Wall of Voodoo Ring of Fire Wall of Voodoo 1979  
Camper Van Beethoven Tusk Tusk 2002