Artist Track Album Year Label
Wm. H. Arpaia & The Jerrymanders Listen Mister Hat      
Negativland Squant Over the Edge Vol. 5: Crosley Bendix Radio Reviews 1993 Seeland
ZGA Dialects The End of an Epoch 1991  
AG Geige Ich glauben Raabe? 1991  
Plasticflesh I Know There’s an Answer Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds 2005  
Ginette Garcin Cresoxipropanediol En Capsules      
Mickey Lee Lane The Zoo      
April March Chick Habit Chick Habit 1995  
Naked City James Bond Theme Naked City 1989  
Cruella de Ville Drunken Uncle John   1984  
Patience and Prudence Tonight You Belong to Me   1956  
Laurie Anderson Walk the Dog   1981  
Voice of the Beehive Tattoo Song I Walk the Earth 1988  
Michelle Shocked Come a Long Way Arkansas Traveler 1992 Mercury
Lou Reed Wild Child Lou Reed 1972 RCA
Scream Club And You Belong Don’t Bite Your Sister 2003  
Señor Coconut and His Orchestra Beat It Fiesta Songs 2003  
Arthur Brown Spontaneous Apple Creation The Crazy World of Arthur Brown 1968  
Pink Floyd Apples and Oranges   1967  
Fanny Hey Bulldog Fanny Hill 1972  
Pink Numb M!ssundaztood 2001  
Chicks on Speed Mind Your Own Business Will Save Us All! 2000  
Peter Jay and The Jaywalkers Can Can ’62   1962  
Joy Division Sister Ray Still 1985  
Suicidal Tendencies Institutionalized Suicidal Tendencies 1983  
Champion Jack Dupree Clog Dance (Stomping Blues)   1944  
The Big Bopper Preacher and the Bear   1958  
Gary Lucas Exit, Pursued by a Bear Bad Boys of the Arctic 1994  
Quincy Jones Boogie Bossa Nova Big Band Bossa Nova 1962  
Brian Wilson I’m in Great Shape/I Wanna Be Around/Workshop Smile 2004  
Negativland 2 Negativland 1980  
Curved Air Vivaldi Air Conditioning 1970  
Bauhaus Antonin Artaud Burning from the Inside 1983 A & M
Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel Satan Place Hole 1984  
Angus MacLise Beezlebub Astral Collapse    
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Skaravan Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra 1989  
Eszter Balint   Mud 2004  
? and The Mysterians Don’t Tease Me 96 Tears 1966  
Harmaon “Hump” Jones Pack Your Clothes   1957 East West Records