Artist Track Album Year Label
Frank Zappa Lumpy Gravy I Lumpy Gravy 1968 Verve
Eric Burdon & War Spill the Wine Eric Burdon Declares “War” 1970  
Flûid Porqué (W Mix) Sayag Jazz Machine: Anachro'Mix Experiences 2006  
Mulugèn Mèllèssè Hédètch Alu   1972  
Tiny Tim The Chicken Dance      
Brother JT & Vibrolux Rock Show/Comin’ Out Doomsday Rock 1997  
Carl Stalling Ghost Wanted The Carl Stalling Project Volume 2 1940  
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Skaravan Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra 1989  
Polka Drifters Courtship Memories      
The Rolling Stones All Sold Out Between the Buttons 1967  
OnoTetsu Tones Smiling Pets 1997  
Ant-Bee Do You Like Worms? Ant-Bee with My Favorite “Vegetables” & Other Bizarre Muzik 1994  
Brian Eno Driving Me Backwards Here Come the Warm Jets 1973  
Tyrannosaurus Rex She Was Born to Be My Unicorn Unicorn 1969  
Fleetwood Mac My Dream Then Play On 1969  
Cleo Brown The Stuff Is Here and It’s Mellow   1935  
Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band The Smithsonian Institute Blues (or the Big Dig) Lick My Decals Off, Baby 1970  
Steve Dirkx Acid Is Groovy, Kill the Pigs, etc. The Butcher’s Covers 2006  
Voice of the Beehive Tattoo Song I Walk the Earth 1988  
Dagmar Krause Surabaya Johnny Lost in the Stars: The Music of Kurt Weill 1985  
Xela Drunk on Salt Water The Dead Sea 2006  
Nancy Sinatra Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)   1966  
Emergency Broadcast Network Shoot the Mac-10 Telecommunication Breakdown 1995 TVT Records
Treat Her Right I Got a Gun Treat Her Right 1988  
Gangster Fun I’d Buy a Gun Time Flies When You’re Gangster Fun 1992  
Negativland Sycamore Escape from Noise 1987  
The Cramps Bikini Girls with Machine Guns Stay Sick! 1990  
Little Willie John Leave My Kitten Alone      
Banjo Ikey Robinson and His Bull Fiddle Band My Four Reasons   1929  
Hatfields Yes I Do   1967  
The Rivingtons The Bird’s the Word     Liberty
Ruckus Roboticus Everlasting Ghettoblasting Gobstopper Playing with Scratches 2007  
Rev. Moses Mason John the Baptist   1927  
Diplo Big Lost Florida 2004  
My Robot Friend Electric Pants Dial 0 2006