Artist Track Album Year Label
Merry Clayton Gimme Shelter Gimme Shelter 1970 Ode
Mammut Mammut Opera Mammut 1971 Mouse Trick Track Music
Boyd Rice & Daniel Miller Cleanliness & Order Darker Skratcher 1980 Los Angeles Free Music Society
Miranda July Medical Wonder The Binet-Simon Test 1998 Kill Rock Stars
Flossie & the Unicorns Ghost T.V. The Animals’ Clubhouse 2003 Skin Graft
The Central High School Cafeteria Band First Rhapsody for Knives, Forks and Spoons   1962 Amy
Les Baxter Brazilian Bash Skins! Bongo Party with Les Baxter 1957 Capitol
The Doors Go Insane The Doors Box Set 1965 Elektra
Richard Wylie & His Band Money (That’s What I Want)   1961 Motown
The Rolling Stones Money (That’s What I Want) The Rolling Stones [EP] 1964 Decca
The Flying Lizards Money (That’s What I Want) The Flying Lizards 1979 Virgin
Hector Rivera I Want a Chance for Romance   1967 Barry
Rabbit MacKay and the Somis Rythm Boyze Tendency to Be Free Passing Through 1969 Uni
Prince and The Revolution Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix) Ultimate 1984 Warner Bros.
Fanny Hey Bulldog Fanny Hill 1972 Reprise
Ukulele Ike That’s My Weakness Now   1928 Columbia
Elvis Presley Edge of Reality Almost in Love 1968 RCA
The Android Sisters Down on the Electronic Farm Songs of Electronic Despair 1984 Vanguard
Maureen Tucker Bo Diddley Playin’ Possum 1982 Trash
Bauhaus Third Uncle The Sky’s Gone Out 1982 Beggars Banquet
The Rivingtons Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow Doin’ the Bird 1962 Liberty
The Tape-beatles Creditwise Music with Sound 1991 DOVentertainment
Frosty and the Diamonds Destination Mars   1956 Combo
The Shaggs My Pal Foot Foot Philosophy of the World 1969 Third Word
anonymous Animal Party Goobers   T.E.C. Tones
Big Stick Crack Attack Crack ’n’ Drag 1987 Blast First
Destroy All Monsters Conga 1974–1976   Ecstatic Peace